What is Veacon?

A day doesn’t go by where mobile doesn’t disrupt the way we do things. Tiny computers with high connectivity make almost everything accessible, everywhere! Completing a money transaction while hiking on a mountain trail seemed like a Star Trek episode ten years ago, today it’s the new norm. Mobile changed the way we do business, communicate, socialize, have fun or basically the way we live.

Today we are proud to announce Veacon, a proximity solution which allows mobile developers create location dependant mobile experiences for existing apps. Basically speaking, we’ll be seeing new applications that act differently in different locations and continue to change the way we do things. Think about receiving a personlized coupon in your favourite store or withdrawing money from an ATM using just your phone.

Technically speaking, Veacon is based on the Apple iBeacon micro-location protocol which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with nearby devices through the help of a Beacon (sensor). Veacon consists of several elements; a physical sensor, a management portal, SDK for developers and a demo app for testing purposes. Users can signup and start playing around with iBeacon for free using the Veacon Portal and Veacon iOS App.

Stay tuned for projects and case studies developed by our team. Sensors will be available for sale on our website, register to our newsletter and stay updated on news, pricing and availability. If you’re an iOS developer don’t forget to download the Veacon SDK.

We had fun developing the platform, hope you will too. Signup now and get started!

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